Robert G. Mangold

Since 1989, Robert G. Mangold has been protecting the rights of injured people in the Courts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Federal Courts. Mr. Mangold litigates significant personal injury cases on behalf of the firm’s clients, specializing in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and premises liability. In addition to his work on behalf of injured persons, Mr. Mangold has been a partner, managing partner, and general counsel to law firms and financial institutions.

Mr. Mangold has obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts, settlements and awards for catastrophically injured clients. He has successfully taken on the largest insurance companies, trucking companies, hospitals, states and cities to obtain compensation for his clients. Mr. Mangold is well-regarded by Judges, as well as opposing counsel, as an aggressive advocate for his clients who achieves results that prove the effectiveness of his representation.

Mr. Mangold is a graduate of Temple University, holding a B.B.A. in Law and Business. In 1989 he received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Mr. Mangold holds an added certification in corporate governance from the Tulane University School of Law. Mr. Mangold has been a member of multiple state and national associations dedicated to advancing the rights of injured persons. Mr. Mangold is also a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates, an honor bestowed on him for his achievement of million and multi-million dollar awards for his clients.